Primary Rhinoplasty

Primary rhinoplasty surgery (for those who undergo nose surgery for the first time) covers personal surgery done with very finely detailed millimetric measurements and lasting for 3 hours.


The target of the surgery is a personally reformed nose which is healthy, natural, beautiful, adapted to facial features and functional.

The surgical technique is realised with precise millimetric measurements via careful examination of the patient and discussion with the patient in the allotted time for them, three-dimensional analysis of the nose and face, detecting functional and aesthetic problems.

The surgery ends when the target of healthy, natural and beautiful nose is accomplished. In the recovery period after the surgery Dr. Erhan Gezer also follow the actions and have recommendations and treatments done, helping you on the way.

Do I Need Rhinoplasty ?

►  If you get a negative reaction from people due to the shape of your nose,

► If you have tip ptosis, looking like compressed by latch, small, overrotation, dorsal hump, asymmetry, post-traumatic nasal deformity, 

► If you do not like the appearance of your nose in the mirror or in the photos, and this has become an obsession, it has affected your psychology and if you also have functional nasal symptoms,

Primary Rhinoplasty
Primary Rhinoplasty
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