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How is the recovery process after rhinoplasty operation?
In 7 to 10 days after the surgery, the majority of swellings have recuperated. Furthermore, the purpleness occurred after the surgery are decreased very much or done with completely. In this way, patients can return to their social and work life in seven days on average.
What is facelifting operation?
Facelifting operation, also known as face rejuvenation operation, is a comprehensive and combined surgical intervention in which there is a classification by the regions of face, and done for both rejuvenating and beautifying the face.
Istanbul Facelift surgery prices, Deep Plane Facelift Surgery Price 2023
Facelift surgery varies according to the scope of the surgery to be performed. Deep plan facelift surgery fee; Neck lift, Forehead Lift, Facial fat injection, Eyelid surgery, Lip Lift It is evaluated according to the scope of surgery such as to be added by eliminating patient-specific problems.
Istanbul Rhinoplasty Surgery Prices 2024
The price of rhinoplasty surgery varies according to the technique and difficulty of the surgery. It is not correct to say a clear price without consultation. You can contact us for information about the average prices of Istanbul Rhinoplasty, Nose Aesthetics. What are the prices of rhinoplasty in 2024 Istanbul
Cost of Eyelid Surgery 2023
The prices of eyelid surgery 2023 vary depending, it is only upper eyelid surgery or both upper and lower eyelid surgery, the type of anesthesia and additional procedures. You must be examined for eyelid aesthetic fees. Istanbul Blepharoplasty Surgery Prices.
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