International Patient

As a part of health tourism, we welcome our patients and provide health services in accordance with their expectations.

Apart from the health services, we also provide help in accommodation and inner city transportation services to our patients.

When necessary, our friends who can speak English, German, Spanish, Italian, Bulgarian and Arabic can accompany in transportation, accommodation, and operation procedures. When demanded, we can provide a translator of our patients’ own language.


In case of a demand from our patients, our team friends may provide transportation services in İstanbul to them. These transfers include hotels, clinic and hospital altogether.


In case of a demand of our patients, reservations are done for the hotels near hotels near to our clinic or the hospital where operation takes place whichever is preferred.


For the patients who come from abroad, it is recommended that they be in İstanbul at least one day before the operation. In the same day, a detailed examination is executed, photos are taken to create a simulation. After the examination, the patient is evaluated by an anaesthetist and required blood tests are analysed. If the results of the controls and tests done are not negative, the patient is brought under operation the following day. The operations are done in modern hospitals which are equipped well in technological aspects and JCI accredited. The patient is discharged the following day of the operation. After one week of the operation, the examination of the patient is done.

After the one-week control of the surgery, the patients can return to their home whenever they wish.

The services which we can provide assistance on are as follows.

•            Translation support
•            Appointment planning
•            Uluslararası sigorta şirketleri ile iletişim
•            Hotel reservations
•            Airport transfers
•            VIP room service
•            Assisting for understanding doctor instructions
•            The tracking of medical reports and transportation of them to patients
•            Assisting on payment procedures
•            Providing communication between doctors and patients after treatment
•            Coordinating with your own doctor after returning to your country

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