Cheek Aesthetics

It is a surgical intervention, also called cheek thinning and bichectomy, which is needed for permanently thinner cheeks.


Frequently, the Hollywood cheek aesthetics surgeries are executed for face types which have excess amounts of fat. With decreased cheek volume, more apparent cheekbones and smaller appearance of jaws are targeted.

Bichectomy is suitable for patients whose faces look fat due to cheek fat, who do not have clear facial contours, and who have a thick and square expression. Although the highest demand for this procedure seems to come from women, it is a procedure that men often resort to in order to have more massculine facial features. Since the bone and fat structures of male patients are different, less fat is usually removed when the procedure is performed on men.

Lasting 30-45 minutes under local anaesthesia, it is done by removing fatty cushions from inner cheeks through 1 cm incision cut inside mouth.There is no scar after the surgery, 1 week later, you can see the desired result.

It should not be forgotten that there are some risk factors in bichectomy as in every surgical operation. In order to prevent risk factors, the doctor who will perform the operation must be an expert in his field. Damage to the facial nerve branches and salivary glands in the facial area, permanent damage such as facial paralysis may occur, and asymmetric facial features are among the complications that may be encountered after surgery.

Cheek Aesthetics
Cheek Aesthetics
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