Facial Fat Injection

The advantages of fat injection contribute to facial aesthetic surgery enormously. Fat is one of the most tolerable fillers. It has been used for years, especially in the field of face rejuvenation and it is becoming more and more popular as a result of publishing of many scientific data.


The technique and the surgical tools which is used in obtaining fat is crucial. Although there are many techniques, the most important thing is to use the least damaging technique to fat cells for the doctors.

The most frequent area for fat injection is facial area. Among the goals of use of fat injection are increasing the fat volume on face, having younger, fuller, more vivid, balanced and proportional face. It has also a huge role in more aesthetic face.

As a result of the scientific research done in recent years, it has been determined that one of the richest sources of stem cells is fat cell, apart from its volume giving and filling features. For this reason, after the fat injections in facial area, except that the volume and fullness are increased, skin is observed as lighter, softer and livelier. Finally, these effects enable facial skin to rejuvenate.

Fat injection is done with fat obtained from the abdomen and inner legs. There are 3 types of fat injection.

  • Classical
  • Micro (Nano)
  • Stem cell assisted

The fat obtained from the patient with suitable technique is filtered and injected to patient. The fat in micro (Nano) fat injection is filtered from an increasingly smaller serial filter, resulting in a much thinner and more fluid fat graft.

As for the stem cell assisted fat injection, approximately 120cc more than required fat is obtained, the stem cells are separated in a Ministry of Health approved stem cell laboratories, and, in a liquid form, they are ready to use in fat injection zones. With fat injection, stem cell repairing effect is more apparent.

Especially in following areas are chosen for fat injection:

  • Forehead
  • Eyebrows
  • Lower and upper lips
  • Upper eye lid
  • Under eye
  • Surrounding area to mouth
  • Cheekbone

The surgery can be done under either local or general anaesthesia. Post-surgically, oedema and purpleness may be observed. After the surgery, your doctor will follow the process of recovering closely and inform you about what is required for optimal recovering phase.

Facial Fat Injection
Facial Fat Injection
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