About Dr. Erhan GEZER

Meet Op. Dr. Erhan GEZER, who works for presenting a professional experience in the fields of facial aesthetics and medical aesthetics and making you reach for your dreams with all his information, background, experience, and energy.


Erhan Gezer was born in Canakkale, Turkey in 1988.

He entered Plovdiv Medical University, gaining entrance with medical faculty education exams in 2007 and he obtained the rights of being Medical Doctor (M.D.) in 2013. After that he started his specialization education, admitted to Plovdiv Medical University St. George University Hospital, Department of Ear-Nose-Throat Diseases.

Since the assistancy years, he has been in many nasal and facial aesthetics surgeries being his specialty. He worked through the fields of nasal and facial aesthetics during his assistant years, and he followed the actual developments in the area with academic works, courses, conventions, and clinical visits. He became a Ear Nose Throat Diseases Specialist in November 2017.

He obtained his Medical Faculty diploma equivalency from Ankara University Medical Faculty and his specialization equivalence from Health Sciences University Istanbul Education and Research Hospital Ear Nose Threat Department. Dr. Erhan Gezer has a European Union Diploma in the specialist of Ear Nose and Throat and Medical Faculty.

In the years between 2019-2021, he has been under assignment of Ear Nose Throat Diseases Specialist in Patnos, Agri province.

He left his office in May 2021, and still serves in the field of Rhinoplasty, Facelift and Facial Plastic Surgery in his clinic in Nisantasi, Istanbul.

Erhan Gezer, MD Clinic is authorized by the Turkish Ministry of Health as an International Health Tourism Center.
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