Face Analysis in Nose Aesthetics

Face analysis, which is one of the primary concepts of planning a rhinoplastic surgery, should be done pre-surgically, with the purpose of adapting the personal surgery to the patients’ face.


Personally ideal nose notion has been recently diverted to naturality, and this has affected the importance of face analysis.

When analysing face, it is a measurement for protecting the current functionality, determining suitability to the person, keeping up with the most natural shape for the nose and detecting the best nose shape for facial features.

When analysing face, not only the consistence and angles of the organs within each other is evaluated, but also patients’ gender, age, height, lifestyle, occupation, skin structure, face type and expectations are taken into account.

Professional imaging, which I use when making an analysis of face, may determine lip structure, forms of cheeks, angle between lips and nose, forehead wideness, shape of eyes, position and structure of cheekbones and eyebrow shapes. In addition;

  • Angle between forehead and nose
  • Angle between nose and chin
  • Angle between chin and neck are considered.

Additionally, the ratio between ears and nose size is analysed within special programs used just for analyses. Hence, the new nose should be suitable for the profile appearance of an individual. In this matter, skin structure is another essential matter to be regarded upon.

Skin structure is like a mirror to the nose. It may affect recovery time after the surgery and surgical techniques which are used while under surgery. The thinner the skin on the nose is, the faster the recovery is, yet the least disorder and asymmetry can be seen from outside on the nose back and nose tip. Thus, it is important to be careful on the patients who have thinner nose skin.

Patients who have thicker nose skin has slower recovery rate after surgery. An advantage for this type can be considered as the interventions cannot easily be seen from outside. These problems can be solved by pre-surgical and while-surgical individual surgical planning, medical treatment and face analysis.

Face Analysis in Nose Aesthetics
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