Lip Aesthetics

This operative lip surgery is also called upper lip lifting and targeted to the patients who are not satisfied with their upper lip length. It is done under local anaesthesia, in 30-45 minutes.


This surgery has become a popular approach for today’s face aesthetics for smiling aesthetics, permanent lift and shortening the vertical length above the upper lip.

The purpose of the surgery is to shorten the vertical length above the upper lip, making the lip more voluminous, correcting an asymmetrical problem and balancing the ratio between upper and lower lip.

Pre-surgically, detected excess skin is marked. The cut and removed areas are stitched with a aesthetic, hidden, surgical and invisible suture. The sutures are removed after 7 days. For a few days, there may be oedema observed in operated area post-surgically. In this period, it is recommended that the area be pressed with cold compress. Patients may return to daily life.

Lip Aesthetics
Lip Aesthetics
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