Eyebrow Aesthetics

Eyebrows are substantial in determining facial expressions. Brows may be subjected to ptosis (a lowness in brows and eyelids) through time affecting the tissues beneath eyebrows. This situation may manifest itself as making the person appearing unhappy and tired and the person may have an older appearance than usual. In the meantime, lower eyebrow can affect the current sagginess of upper eyelid, narrowing the peripheral vision.


Eyebrow Lift with Surgery Method

Eyebrow Lift is applied to the patients who have eyebrow ptosis due to nerve damage stemming from facial palsy or trauma additionally to eyelid surgeries.

Eyebrow Lifting surgery has a few different methods, four of which being directly removing tissue over eyebrows, during the eyelid aesthetics surgery, from the same incision zone intervention, eyebrow lift together with forehead, entering from hairy skin line or endoscopic methods. Eyebrow lifting together with forehead in hairy skin zone incision and endoscopic method are executed under general anaesthesia, whereas other methods may be undergone under local anaesthesia or sedation.

Although the eyebrow lifting with an incision to upper area of eyebrows is the most effective and long-lasting method, it may heal with a minimal scar over eyebrows. This method allows the whole eyebrow or edge of the eyebrow to be corrected precisely. During the surgery, the scars are held at minimal, the sutures are masked via various incision techniques and, in the long term, scar problems do not occur.

In the technique where this surgery is combined with upper eyelid surgery, there is no scar problem thanks to using current incision area and not requiring a different zone for incision. This method only allows eyebrow edges to be raised. Hairy skin interventions may both be for whole forehead and for very little incisions for endoscopic imaging devices to enter. For the whole forehead incision, the cut is from end to end; therefore, it is more invasive, open to complications, and it has a longer recovery time than other methods.

Endoscopic approach involves little incisions to the skin. Hence, it is less invasive and it has much less potential to leave scars.

Pre-surgically, due to the increase in the bleeding risk, it is recommended that patients stop using anticoagulants and multivitamin supplements 7-10 days before the surgery, if there is no problem for the health of the patient.

After the surgery, although it is different from method to method, oedema and purpleness are expected. They decrease after 1 week to 10 days. For the first 48 hours, ice application and medical treatment is necessary. 1-2 days post-surgery, there may be a forcefulness in moving the muscles though it is temporary. The sutures may be removed after 1 week- ten days.

Eyebrow Lift without Surgery

  • Botilinum toxin
  • Device-assisted methods
  • Filler applications

For these methods, patient choice is important. For the patients who have surgical needs, these methods may not be as effective.

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions


1-How Can I Get a Brow Lift Without Surgery?

In this case, the methods seem to be  Botox or Plexr Treatments, with minor incisions, then endoscopic brow lifting can be considered with this endoscopic surgery method patients have much more permanent results are  obtained.

2-Does an Eyebrow Lift Operation Yield Permanent Results ?

Eyebrow Lifting Surgery with the endoscopic technique will be permanent, but with aging process, eyebrows will go down a bit.

3-How should the ideal eyebrow design and aesthetics be ?

How To Choose the Perfect Eyebrow Shape For Your Face ?

  • Eyebrows for an Oval Face
  • Eyebrows for a Round Face
  • Eyebrows for a Long Face
  • Eyebrows for a Square Face
  • Eyebrows for a Heart Face
  • Eyebrows for a Diamond Face

The Best Eyebrows For Your Face Shape.There are many methods for ideal eyebrow design and aesthetics. The methods of doctors such as Westmore, Lamas, Anastasia are taken as reference today. By making mutual decisions with the patient, we determine the ideal eyebrow design. By making personalized computer simulations and measurements that are suitable for the facial structure and can meet their needs and wishes.

Eyebrow Aesthetics
Eyebrow Aesthetics
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