Chin Aesthetics

This surgery is also known as mentoplasty, and aims to give an aesthetic appearance to chin, placing an implant to gonion (tip of the chin) with the aim of adapting the visual aesthetics of chin to face.


The targets are enlarging a weak, little and retracted chin with gonion aesthetics and having a proportionate visual with face.

The ideal chin position should be behind an imaginary line perpendicularly coming from nasal base by 2-3 mms, further retractions from this line are considered weak chin, the reverse situations are considered strong chin.

The surgery can be done under local anaesthesia, if there is another surgery ongoing, it may be done under general anaesthesia. If an implant is required for the chin, either below the chin or inside the mouth is incised and the implant is placed deep within the soft tissue, stitched afterwards. After much research, because they have the perfect formation potential, Goretex and silicone implants are the most used materials.

Patients may have feeling of tightness in their chins, which abates within weeks. Oedema and purpleness may occur. For 2-3 days, bandage is applied to the chin. The sutures for the incision may be removed after 1 week, or they may dissolve by themselves. In those number of days, it may be required to consume liquid and soft food. After 1 week of surgery, patients can return their daily lives. Especially for 1-2 months, it is essential not to take any impact directly on the face.

Chin Aesthetics
Chin Aesthetics
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