Youth Vaccine

H-100 youth vaccination is also known as skin rejuvenation cocktail. Its ingredients consist of B1-B6 vitamin, DMAE, organic silicon, hyaluronic acid, mannitol, peptides and amino acids which are in collagen form.


It is used against aging of the skin with anti-aging purpose. It is also used for the treatment of sagging and wrinkles on the skin occurring within genetic factors. Hyaluronic acid gives skin elasticity and moisture. In time, it decreases in concentration in skin tissue, and this leads to a matte and dry appearance on skin. Thanks to the moisture complex in it, youth vaccine prevents seasonal dryness and flaking. It helps with fixing the wrinkles and thin lines on skin, increasing the production of collagens. In addition to giving a glamorous visual to the facial skin, it gives brightness, moisture and vitality.

Youth Vaccination Application Areas

  • Face
  • Forehead
  • Around eyes
  • Area between eyebrows
  • Around lips
  • Neck cleavage

For Youth Vaccination,

  • in young skins, 2 sessions are sufficient. Intervals between the sessions should be approximately 3 weeks.
  • in middle-aged skins, 2-3 sessions are sufficient.
  • in older and weaker skins, 3-5 sessions are necessary.
  • the effects last for 1 year.

In the application of youth vaccination, a local anaesthetic ointment is used by the doctor and there is a wait for the zone to become numb. Special needle tips are used for injection with 1-2 cm distances. The application lasts for 15-20 minutes. There may be mild oedema under the skin. It disappears after 6-8 hours. In the same day of the surgery, it is required not to do make-up and contact the area operated on with water. After the procedure, the patient is able to continue normal daily life.

Difference between H-100 Plus and H-100 is that H-100 Plus has pyruvic acid in its formula; hence it has an impact on acned skins in that it makes them more oxygenated and thus making them recover more easily.

Youth Vaccine
Youth Vaccine

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