Under Eye Filler

It is a non-surgical treatment in which the hydration level in the depths of skin tissue is increased, skin tone is embellished and elasticity, tightness and the smoothness of skin is improved. It enables skin to reflect light better.


Under eye problems may cause a person to look older even though they may be young and they may lead them to look tired and older. With the help of under eye light filling, the volume difference between the under-eye zone and cheeks are balanced. Concavities under the eye may be brought to same level with cheeks. Thus, a needed ratio of raise may be attained in under-eye zone.

It consists of a mixture of hyaluronic acid which is necessary for beautifying and brightening the skin and increasing nutrition and moisture in skin, and required nutrients such as antioxidants, amino acids, and vitamin B6.

Through this treatment, concavities under the eye are raised and made to reflect the light better. Apart from that, thanks to the special ingredients, skin gains moisture, tissue renewal and elasticity effects.

During the application, no pain is felt by patients, it is done via millimetric fine needle tips used for injecting this special mixture in equal parts under eye. Immediately after the injection, skin is raised, and purple and matte appearance vanishes.

Under-eye zone is rejuvenated with under eye light filling within a twofold process. First, with the effect of hyaluronic acid, subcutaneous supporting layer is reinforced and concavities are filled. With that, dark rings and under eye bags are masked.

In the second stage, with the help of polyvitamin and amino acids, skin is subjected to a long-term cellular renewal. After the application, there may be mild redness on the points of injection. This redness passes after a few hours. On the first day, the points of injection should not be rubbed. Rubbing any cream or cosmetic product on the face is not recommended. After a few hours, generally your skin returns to normal. You can even do make-up if you want.

There may be skin pinkness after the treatment on the skin surface, depending on the sensitivity of skin for 1-2 days. This pinkness may last much longer for the patients who have dry skin. Other adverse effects may include oedema, swelling and purpleness on injection zones.

If under-eye aesthetical problems are accompanied by other problems such as goosefoot wrinkles, eyelid sagging and vertical lines between eyebrows, these circumstances may be treated in the same session non-surgically with the desire of the patient.

For relieving problems around eyes, the filling and botox injection together may beget a more holistic result.

Under Eye Filler
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