Salmon DNA Treatment

Salmon DNA vaccination helps skin cell growth with the help of the DNA obtained from salmon fish sperm and included hyaluronic acid used in mesotherapy.


Searches in skin rejuvenation has been able to satisfy patients more ably with the results obtained from combined treatments. Salmon DNA application is an innovative and creative approach for non-surgical skin rejuvenation. Since salmon DNA is able to hold water 10.000 times more than its actual volume, it has a key role in providing balance to the moisture in skin.

With the feature of being able to hold water immensely in salmon DNA, wrinkles and dryness occurring with age can be prevented. These molecules give skin a brighter and more moisturised appearance. This treatment has also a benefit of preventing the damage coming from UV radiation.

Salmon DNA is applied to the skin via fine needle injections. Before every process, local anaesthetic ointments are used for numbing the pain on the surgery zone. Salmon DNA has not manifested any allergic reaction to this day. It has a wide application range.

The applications are done in 3-4 sessions with 2-3 weeks intervals. Each application lasts 20 minutes and the patient is able to continue their daily life without any impact. The effects of salmon DNA treatment which is applied for skin rejuvenation and vitalisation are the following.

  • The treatment is anti-aging,
  • Effective in reducing wrinkles,
  • Tightens skin
  • Makes skin colour more vivid and balances tone differences,
  • Prevents sunspots,
  • Tightens up the pores
  • Used for rejuvenating the eye contours
  • Tightens the cleavage zone.

It is not recommended to be used for those who have diabetes, arterial and cardiovascular diseases, problems in coagulation of blood, and are pregnant.

Salmon DNA Treatment
Salmon DNA Treatment

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