Plexr Treatment

Plexr application allows patients not wanting to be operated to renew their skin and eye surroundings with plasma energy.


Plexr® application manifests its effect by turning the nitrogen and water vapor on the zone applied into plasma state.

Plexr application areas are as following,

  • Upper eyelid wrinkles
  • Eye surroundings wrinkles
  • Acne scars
  • Sunspots
  • Scars and incision traces
  • Above lip lines

Plexr application is done in 5-30 minutes with the disinfection of the zone operated. After the process, it is expected to have an eschar on the zone operated. It is important that the eschar not be peeled, rather, it should be fall off by itself. After that, there may be pinkness on the tissue and in a few weeks, the skin should return to its natural colour.

Plexr application surgery is also known as eyelid aesthetics, and because it is easy to apply and very short, has no need for medical dressing and there is no scar left after the procedure, it is preferred very frequently as an alternative application. After the application it is essential that there be no moisturising cream put on the scar, and alcohol-based cleaners should not be used.

Plexr Treatment
Plexr Treatment

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