Paris Shine Treatment

It is a non-surgical injection application for having a rejuvenated and nice skin, applied in anti-aging treatment.


Paris radiance treatment includes 59 revitalising ingredients apart from hyaluronic acid.

  • Hyaluronic acid for moisturising the skin
  • 12 vitamins for stimulating collagen synthesis and neutralising free radicals.
  • 24 amino acids for accompanying protein/elastin/collagens.
  • 6 coenzymes and 5 nucleic acids for stimulating metabolic reactions
  • 6 minerals for achieving balance in cell metabolism.

Other components such as glutathione, polysorbate 80, glucuronic acid, lactone, glucosamine, dextrose anhidrosis for battling extremely free radicals.

Paris sparkle is applied in 5 sessions. The scientific studies show that for the patients who have had it applied, it has been shown that

  • 88% of them has had 144% glow. 83% of them had 132% of hydration.
  • 52% homogeneity
  • 33% decrease in wrinkles
  • 59% lessening on pores have been seen.

With 3 sessions with 15 days intervals and 2 sessions with 30 days intervals, vitality and glow of skin is improved and wrinkles which are the signs of aging decrease. The results of application becomes apparent in a few days completely.

For optimum permanent results, a 3-staged treatment procedure is used being 2 sessions in 3 weeks and 2 sessions a month.

  • 1st stage commencing
  • 2nd stage repairing
  • 3rd stage stablising

Twice a year application is recommended for maintaining the results.

It is suitable for those who have wrinkles on skin, loss of elasticity, dryness, dullness, and tarnish.

Paris sparkle is an effective type of treatment used for preventing the damages of aging, gravity and ultraviolet radiation especially. Paris Shine can be applied to every part of the body which shows signs of aging like around the eyes, face, neck, hands and arms. Increasing the production of collagen and elastin, it gives the vitamin and mineral support to skin. In this way, it helps skin to look vivid, young and bright. It can be applied with other aesthetical procedures, in all types of skin treatment and for all ages and every season.

Paris Shine Treatment
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