Humidity Vaccine

Generally, people complain about skin dryness and loss of moisture on seasonal changes. In the skin tissue which loses its natural moisture amount, there may be volume loss and wrinkle problems. In this case, the skin needs a moisturising reinforcement.


Skin vaccination has both immediate and long-term effects of skin health and vitality. Moisture vaccine, mimics the barrier of skin against water loss, supporting the “natural moisturising factor” of skin and giving the lost moisture to it.

N-acetyl glucosamine is found on skin, and it is used for forming hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid helps holding the moisture, tissues being hydrophilic, meaning they like water, and thus the skin possesses the moisture it needs. The contents of moisture vaccine help increasing the level of hyaluronic acid, so skin can defend itself against water loss, helping to build natural moisture factor barriers and wrinkles become less apparent on the skin. With all these features, it can provide a successful treatment in skin health.

The complexes in the formula of moisture vaccine combine with the molecules providing moisturising effect in holding water on skin. This manifests the features of natural moisturising factor which has amino acids, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, cholesterol, and fat acids together.

Skin dries when it loses moisture and it leads to a discomforting feeling of tightening, also it makes a matte, wrinkled and flaked appearance. Moisture vaccine prevents the loss of moisture and softens skin, decreases tightening feeling with rash, and skin achieves its natural colour, being vitalised.

With special ingredients including hyaluronic acid and triglycerides, it repairs the barrier system required to prevent the loss of moisture and moisturising the skin substantially. It also enables a silky-smooth skin and moisturised appearance.

Moisture filling or moisture vaccine is a non-surgical aesthetic surgery technique.

With an surgery last for 20 minutes, moisture vaccine is applied to skin. Immediately after the surgery, the results can be observed and recovery continues for 1 month. Although it differs from one skin type or another, it can show its effects for 1 year on average. While the effects of moisture vaccine is waning, the skin returns to its dry, weak and wrinkled state. With the preference of the patient, the moisture vaccine should be repeated.

Humidity Vaccine
Humidity Vaccine

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