Chemical Skin Peeling

Chemical skin peeling is a process in which thin wrinkles and spots which are the signs of aging are targeted. Its goal is to peel the skin or renew and allow skin to tighten and rejuvenate.


The peeling surgery is done in mild, mild-moderate, and deep intensities. Acids are used in this method, and it creates a refreshment and rejuvenation in the newly formed facial skin.

For mild and mild-moderate chemical skin peeling procedure, it is not necessary to be anaesthetised, yet deep peeling requires general anaesthesia and sedation. For one to apply chemical skin peeling, as in all surgical surgeries, they should stop using aspirin 3 weeks before the surgery and stop using anticoagulant drugs and cigarettes 1 week before the surgery.

Chemical skin peeling procedure lasts for approximately 15 minutes. After the surgery, a burning feeling or mild redness may be observed on face. After mild and mild-moderate peeling, patients can continue their daily lives after 1 day. After deep skin peeling procedure, there will be incrustation. After this period, a newly formed pink skin replaces the old one. This period approximately lasts for 10 days. For 6 months, it is important to protect skin from the sun; otherwise, there may be sunspots and sunscreen ointments are required. The process is generally recommended to be done in winter months.

Chemical Skin Peeling
Chemical Skin Peeling

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